Cooking Methods (And Precooked foods) Overlooked in Diabetes (Glycation: Part I)

Beyond the restriction of sugary, sweet foods, are ‘sugar-free’ pre-processed and highly cooked foods aggravating the diabetic condition? Sometimes the signaling of the ‘sweet tooth’ isn’t enough.

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Beta Carotene, Cancer, and Smokers: A Warning

Do high beta carotene levels increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers? If so, what is the reason? Are antioxidants not the panacea for pre-cancerous free radical damage?

Beta carotene, the reddish-orange pigment found in fruits, has long been discovered to possess powerful antioxidant properties similar to vitamin C and vitamin E. Naturally, it was assumed dietary beta carotene as well as extra supplementation could be helpful in lowering the risk for cancer for nonsmokers and smokers alike. Only, trials did not garner the expected results … Continue reading