Do Thin People Need to Exercise?

Exercise is universally accepted as an aid for weight loss. Striving for an ideal weight is done both for the purpose of seeking lifelong health and for simple vanity. Whatever the case may be, weight loss is a desirable pursuit.

But what of those who are naturally average weight or even svelte? Is exercise a waste of time or simply a means to allow for greater calorie consumption?
As it turns out, there is a Continue reading


Beta Carotene, Cancer, and Smokers: A Warning

Do high beta carotene levels increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers? If so, what is the reason? Are antioxidants not the panacea for pre-cancerous free radical damage?

Beta carotene, the reddish-orange pigment found in fruits, has long been discovered to possess powerful antioxidant properties similar to vitamin C and vitamin E. Naturally, it was assumed dietary beta carotene as well as extra supplementation could be helpful in lowering the risk for cancer for nonsmokers and smokers alike. Only, trials did not garner the expected results … Continue reading

Cancer and Omega 3: An Examination

Recent research has linked omega 3 consumption to prostate cancer. Is this a paradigm shifting epiphany or bad research?

After the discovery of the link between higher blood concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids and prostate cancer published this year in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by Brasky et al. 1, are we to arrive at the conclusion that taking fish oil will increase the risk of prostate cancer? After all, it was found that men with omega 3 fatty acids Continue reading