Before Money, Invest in your Bones

What is money without health? At present, even an unlimited supply of money cannot cure osteoporosis as there is no single and instant cure for the condition. Then, what good is wealth when you cannot live life to the fullest because you’re too fragile and constantly in pain? Then there is the chance that your life may be tragically cut short due to complications following fractures. Sure, there can be a cure in the future, but osteoporosis is a complex condition, and it also doesn’t just describe one condition. Osteoporosis may occur Continue reading


Soft Drinks and Aggression in Children: The Root Cause

Why does soft drink consumption in children and adolescents seem to elicit aggression and deficits in attention? Is sugar driving these responses? Is it the caffeine or something else perhaps? More importantly, would restricting soft drinks from your child sufficiently reduce these symptoms?

Suglia et al (1) reported a strong association between soft drink consumption and behavior problems in 5-year-olds. When sociodemographic factors were adjusted for, soda consumption was linked to aggressive behavior in a dose-dependent manner. Further, a statistically significant trend for soda consumption and attention problems Continue reading