Is Your Skincare Secretly Aging You? (Methylparaben)

Parabens … the word itself evokes controversy, and for multiple reasons. Parabens have been implicated in the development of cancer (new data suggest that contrary to previous studies, clinically relevant concentrations of parabens can too, stimulate the growth of cancer when combined with natural growth hormones in breast tissues (1)), skin allergies (a small but real occurrence, ranging from 0-4.2% in populations (2)), and skin aging. The focus of this article will deal with skin aging and involves methylparaben Continue reading


Anti-Aging Supplements for Skin (“Internal Skincare”) Part II

Since the interest in improving skin appearance and preserving youth is increasing exponentially, and in line with the creation of new cosmetic treatments and topical formulations, it is as good a time as ever to highlight the internal means by which this can be achieved.Internal agents are woefully underwritten in skincare when in fact, unlike nearly all of topical agents, these agents are capable of acting on skin through the dermis after they are digested and taken into the bloodstream. Topical skin creams and such do not Continue reading

What are the Best Sunscreens to Protect Against Skin Aging?

First and foremost, forget about SPF when it comes to UV-induced skin aging. SPF, or sun protection factor, is simply a measure of how well a sunscreen can protect against UVB-induced sunburn. (1) While UVB does play a role in skin damage, it is not what is primarily responsible for the aging of skin. In other words, high SPF is not synonymous with high protection from photodamage. If a sunscreen prevents a sunburn yet allows for a “nice tan” (like many high SPF sunscreens), then said sunscreen is still allowing Continue reading